Tips for Choosing the Right Chain Wire Fence for Your Residential Property

Tips for Choosing the Right Chain Wire Fence for Your Residential Property

30 January 2020
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Are you looking to demarcate or fence a piece of residential land? Whether you want to keep your little ones and pets confined to certain parts of the property or don't want stray animals to wander into it, few traditional fencing options can match the benefits that a chain wire fence can deliver. 

This woven fence-type is built strong and durable enough to offer the level of protection and containment that you may desire on your property. Plus, it is inexpensive to install and requires minimal maintenance over its expected lifespan.

Chain mesh fences come in different materials, wire gauges, mesh sizes, roll heights and finishes to suit different fencing applications. As these fences aren't created equal, not just any fencing product will do.

Here are some key tips for choosing the right residential chain link fence.

1. Consider the Purpose of the Fence

The first and most important thing to think about when choosing a chain link fence for your residential property is the main reason for the fencing installation. Do you already have a security fence installed around the perimeter of your property and are merely looking to create a designated play area for your small children and pets? Or, is your chain mesh fence going to serve as the first line of protection against intentional and unintentional intrusion into the property?

Your specific objectives are going to affect your choice of a chain link fence. Generally, lighter gauge and larger mesh sizes are suitable for demarcation of residential land while heavier gauge wire and smaller mesh sizes are ideal for applications where security is a top priority. 

2. Consider the Local Environmental Conditions

Because chain wire fences are mainly made from steel, they are susceptible to rust and corrosion. Fortunately, the manufacturers of these fencing products are well-aware of this fact. That's why they normally provide their products with different kinds of coating systems to protect them from the elements.

When you're choosing a chain mesh fence for your residential property, choose one that has the appropriate coating type for the place it will be installed. For example, coastal environments increase the rate of rusting and corrosion, so it's important to select a fencing product that is specially coated to resist coastal conditions.

3. Consider the Cost of Fence Installation

The different types of chain link fences vary in price depending on the level of performance and durability that they offer. After determining the right type of fence for your purpose and weather, choose the product that fits your budget.

A chain wire fence is only as good as how well it has been installed. Be sure to contact a reputable fencing contractor near you for a professional chain mesh fencing installation service.

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