Monthly Maintenance Advice for Glass Balustrades

Monthly Maintenance Advice for Glass Balustrades

28 January 2020
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When considering whether to have glass balustrades installed into your home, there are several factors to take into consideration. Pre-installation, you need to consider whether the look of the balustrades suits your decor and whether the cost suits your budget. However, another factor to consider is the maintenance requirements once your balustrades are installed. By knowing what the maintenance requirements are in advance, then you can decide whether those needs fit your time budget. So, here are the monthly maintenance suggestions for glass balustrades.

Visual Maintenance

A visual check involves getting up close and personal with your balustrades rather than just giving them a cursory glance as you walk past. In particular, you are looking for signs of cracks or chips in the glass, and signs of rust developing on steel.

While the glass is thick and difficult to break, cracked or chipped panels should be replaced so that you have 100% confidence in their structural integrity. Any discolouration on steel which indicates that rust is forming need to be removed before the rust has a chance to develop and eat through the metal.

Physical Maintenance

The second check you need to give your balustrades is a physical one, and that involves placing your hand on each balustrade panel and giving it a slight shake to check for any movement. There should be none, so any movement detected needs to be quickly repaired by the balustrade installer.

While doing the physical check, take the time to clean each glass panel and metal support. Glass quickly accumulates dirt, dust and fingerprints, so a monthly clean of the glass keeps it looking at its best. The glass should be cleaned with a standard glass cleaner and a soft, clean cloth. Make sure the cloth is something like a microfibre material so that it does not leave tiny scratches on the glass. After the glass is clean, remove buildup from the stainless steel components using a stainless steel cleaner, which you can also purchase at the supermarket. Regular cleaning of the steel stops the chance of rust developing later on.

Now that you know what the maintenance requirements are for glass balustrades, you can now determine whether this product works for your home's needs with regards to the time you have available to care for them. Your installer can answer any further questions you have before making the final decision whether to proceed with glass balustrades.

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