The Benefits of Chain Link Fencing and Gates

The Benefits of Chain Link Fencing and Gates

5 February 2020
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Chain-link fencing is used all over Australia these days and it is easy to see why when you realise just how beneficial it can be. Not only does it mark off one area from another excellently, providing top-quality security, but it will also work well with any fence gate installation. This means that you can gain access to your property or enclosure at any point along the fence. This level of flexibility with chain-link fencing is why it is so widely used in Australia as well as elsewhere in the world. As well as providing you with the opportunity to have a ate installed wherever you want it along the perimeter of your property, what are the other main reasons for opting for a chain-link fencing system?

Low-Cost Supports

Unlike most fence panels or palisade fencing, a chain-link fence will not need large posts to be installed to support it. A chain-link fence can be attached to a straightforward metal bracket  that is stuck into the ground. Not only does this make installing the fence quicker, but it is a cheaper option as well. Of course, the same goes for a chain-link gate installation. In other words, you don't need any expensive posts or holes to be dug when adding a chain-link gate either.

Cheap to Distribute

Another important thing to say about chain-link fencing is that it is supplied on reels. Therefore, you just need to unroll it in order to begin installing it. As such, many metres worth of chain-link fencing can be delivered on a single truck, something that cannot be said of traditional fence panels and posts. Again, the lower distribution costs associated with chain-link fences and gates mean that they are a lower-cost option than nearly all other types of fences.

An Open System

Chain-link fences and gates form strong barriers that you cannot get past easily. However, they are open, so you can see through them clearly, which can be advantageous in certain settings—perhaps because you want to keep an eye on livestock. Because they are open, air can pass freely through them. This is a benefit if you want a long-lasting fence which cannot get blown down easily under high winds.

Highly Durable

Finally, even though chain-link fences are relatively inexpensive, they will last a very long time indeed. Although most of the types of fence you could buy will need regular maintenance, and in the case of wooden panels, some form of waterproofing treatment, a chain-link fence requires virtually nothing by way of maintenance.

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