3 Myths That Shouldn't Stand In The Way Of You Getting Glass Pool Fencing

3 Myths That Shouldn't Stand In The Way Of You Getting Glass Pool Fencing

6 February 2020
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With proper pool fencing in place, you do not have to worry too much about keeping out unauthorised persons and improving the safety of your pool area. You have several options to consider when selecting a material for the pool fencing, including glass.

Glass pool fencing has become increasingly popular thanks to its wide-ranging inherent benefits. However, there remains some misinformation about this type of pool fencing.

Are you on the fence about glass pool fencing because of these myths? Here is a brief rundown of some of these common myths and the facts that you need to know.

Myth: Glass Pool Fencing Is Weak And Shatters Easily

This is, by far, the biggest myth, and it couldn't be further from the truth. The fact is that glass pool fencing is robust and does not shatter easily.

You are probably thinking about the fragility of your glass kitchenware and how easily it breaks. Fortunately, glass pool fencing is not made out of the same regular glass from which your kitchenware and other items are made.

The type of glass used for this fencing is the strong, toughened kind, making it less prone to cracking and breaking. Rest assured that it will take a lot of force to break your pool fencing.

Myth: Glass Pool Fencing Is Not Durable

Contrary to what you may have heard, glass pool fencing is among the most durable pool fencing options on the market.

As highlighted, the glass panels will hold for a long time, even an entire lifetime with proper care. Additionally, the panels do not rust and deteriorate over time, unlike metallic pool fencing. Rusting is a non-issue when you go for the frameless glass fences that come without metal rails between the panels.

Myth: Glass Pool Fencing Is Too Expensive

While glass fencing is not the least expensive type of pool fencing, the cost of purchase and installation isn't so prohibitive that you should choose not to have it around your swimming pool area.

Shop around, and you will no doubt find a quote that fits well into your budget. Ultimately, the most important thing to consider is that the benefits are well worth the investment.

Make an informed decision when choosing fencing for your pool area by considering only the facts and taking no notice of myths. As outlined, glass pool fencing, with its many merits, is an excellent choice for your pool.

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