Is It Time To Have Your Sliding Gate Motor Replaced?

Is It Time To Have Your Sliding Gate Motor Replaced?

7 February 2020
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Like most homeowners, you probably operate your sliding gate several times a day. The convenience that this automated gate offers makes it so simple to use that you probably do not give any thought to its functioning as long as it opens and closes when you want it to. With that in mind, it is easy to see how the sliding gate motor is highly underrated. Not only is this mechanism out of sight, but as long as it retains the automation of the gate, you potentially will not even consider having it maintained. This neglect accelerates the decline of the gate motor. If it is your first time owning an automated gate, here are three red flags indicating that it is time to have your sliding gate motor replaced.

The gate is primarily on manual mode

Once you have invested in switching to an automated gate, the last thing you want is to have to constantly operate your sliding gate manually. While this will be necessary from time to time due to external issues such as bent tracks or a power outage, it should not become the norm. If you are having challenges using the automation and find that you regularly have to get out of your car to open and shut the gate, the problem is likely with the motor. In usual cases, the gate motor will have experienced normal wear and will need replacing or repairs.

The gate is operating sluggishly

No movement is a clear indicator of a damaged sliding gate motor. However, what if the gate is moving slowly? If the gate motor is responsive but the gates are either opening or closing at an incredibly slow pace, you should start planning to have the motor replaced. In some cases, the tracks could be clogged with dirt. The more debris in the tracks, the harder it is for the motor to move the heavy gates, and this will manifest as slow operation. However, if the tracks are clean and you are still experiencing this issue, it could mean that the sliding gate motor has lost its ability to withstand the weight of the gates. A fencing technician should come and investigate the cause of the slowed-down pace and replace the sliding gate motor if need be.

The motor's cover is damaged

The gate motor stays out of sight since it is encased in a cover that functions to keep it protected from the changing weather elements. Thus, if this cover is compromised, it is highly likely that the motor inside it is as well. Inspect the casing for signs of wear, such as breakage due to impact or rust if it is made out of metal. Rodents could also tamper with the case and leave the motor inside it exposed and vulnerable to undue damage. 

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