It's Probably Glass!

It's Probably Glass!

10 February 2020
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Safety around residential swimming pools should be a major concern for you if you're planning to have a swimming pool on your property. And the best way to make your pool area safe is to install a safety boundary around the pool area.

What would you rather have as a material of choice for home pool fence? Find out why it's probably glass by comparing it to alternative pool fencing materials.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is more commonly used to make pool staircases rather than pool fencing. This is because of the negative effect it has on the ambience of a pool area if used to create a fence.

The metallic strips will distort and distract your view of the surrounding pool area, hence making your pool experience less relaxing. Take a moment to imagine what it would feel like to be surrounded by metallic strips as the protective boundary around your swimming pool. Would it not feel awkward?

Your pool area should have a warm and inviting feel even with fencing as a protective boundary.


Wooden fences are also less common as a protective boundary for residential swimming pools. This is so because they will be constantly exposed to water and moisture when they're used around a swimming pool area.

Upon exposure to excess moisture, wooden fencing known to get warped and disfigured, which can easily compromise the structural integrity of the fence. With wooden fencing as your pool boundary, you can definitely expect to carry out fence replacement on a regular basis.


Glass is the most commonly preferred fencing material around pools for various reasons. Unlike stainless steel, glass fencing will not obstruct your view of the surrounding areas because glass is transparent. Thus, as you sit to bask by the pool, you will still have a clear view of the surrounding pool area.

Unlike wooden fence options, glass will not warp or shrink when regularly exposed to moisture. Consequently, a protective pool boundary made of glass will definitely last longer than one made of wooden materials. Over the span of its lifespan, a glass fence will also require less frequent maintenance (repairs and replacement) as compared to wooden fencing.

Glass pool fencing will enhance the aesthetic appeal around your pool area in addition to making it a safer place to unwind. Give it some thought. To learn more about your options, contact a company that offers fencing installation services.

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