The New Option That Will Revolutionise Your Auto Gate Installation

The New Option That Will Revolutionise Your Auto Gate Installation

12 February 2020
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Auto gate installation has long been a very complicated procedure that had to connect power from the perimeter to the larger power grid in your home. For those that loved auto gates, this was an investment of time and money that was well worth it. After all, auto gates are the very epitome of luxury and ease-of-use once installed, so it makes sense to not stress if it takes a while to complete the task. However, there is a new system on the scene that makes auto gate installation much quicker and reduces the overall cost of maintaining it all in one swoop!

Solar Power

That's right, solar power has made its way into the auto gate industry. There are now several different solar power systems that can be hooked up to various auto gates and work perfectly well. There are several obvious benefits to this new move including:

  • No worry about your auto gate not working during a blackout (which would normally lock you in or out)
  • Reduced power bill because your auto gate is not sapping power anymore
  • Quicker auto gate installation because no rewiring to connect it to the house is required

The benefits of solar power are obvious, but you may have some valid concerns that need to be addressed. 

Does It Cost More Upfront?

Depending on your auto gate of choice (sliding, inswinging, rural, urban, etc.), there may be a higher upfront cost to installing a solar-powered auto gate. This is because you are not simply installing connecting wires to the mainline but a whole new power supply. This is not universal, however, as you may find that a solar-powered system is actually cheaper because of how far away your home and electricity are from your front gate. Always make sure to get a quote before you commit to anything so you can compare prices for an accurate understanding.

Does It Still Work With An Electric Remote?

Yes, nothing about the new power supply will affect the performance of your gate on a day-to-day basis. You will still be able to use your remote.

Does It Work At Night Or If It Is Cloudy?

Yes, the solar power system has a battery that remains charged for a certain length of time with no direct sunlight. It would have to be an extremely unprecedented length of time with no sunlight for your auto gate to run out of juice. Even when it is cloudy, your solar powered gate will still be able to get some power from the available light. 

Look for a professional who provides auto gate installations to learn more about your options. 

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