How to Keep a Chain Mesh Fence in Perfect Condition

How to Keep a Chain Mesh Fence in Perfect Condition

21 February 2020
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Chain mesh fencing is a strong and durable solution and should require very little in the way of maintenance. However, an occasional inspection and clean should prolong the life of your fence and ensure it continues to protect your property for many years.

Check for problems

The links in your chain mesh fence are very strong and should not break easily. However, it is possible that something heavy has fallen against it, or that an intruder has tried to break through. A quick visual inspection should tell you if any repairs need to be made. If this is the case you are probably best off calling in the professionals.

Rust-proof your fence

As your fence is exposed to the elements, it may suffer at the hands of rain or damp. Even in dry weather, dew may form on the links. This puts it at risk of rusting from the moisture. You should cover your fence with a rust-proof finish to ensure the links stay intact and do not weaken. Your regular inspection should show up any problems with rust that develop — you should clean any rust off with steel wool, rinsing with clean water. You can also use a commercial rust removing product. When you have finished, re-coat the metal with the rust-proofing.

Clean the fence

Over time your fence will probably develop a coating of mud and dirt. You may simply be able to hose this off. If the dirt is persistent, try using mild soapy water to remove it. If you find any mould has formed on the fence, clean it off with diluted white spirit vinegar.

Oil the fence

Any springs or joints in the fence will need oiling every now and again to keep it flexible and resilient. You should also oil any hinges if there is a gate in the fence to make sure they do not rust and continue to open easily.

Call in the professionals

If you find your fence has any serious issues with the overall structure, such as a torn or broken mesh, you will probably not be able to fix it yourself. In this case, you will have to talk to a fencing professional who will be able to address the issue without causing further problems.

With a small amount of care and cleaning, your chain mesh fence should stay in its original condition for many years to come.

For more information about chain mesh fencing, contact a local fencing contractor.

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