How a Lattice Screen Fence Can Benefit Your Garden

How a Lattice Screen Fence Can Benefit Your Garden

5 May 2020
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If you enjoy gardening and landscaping, lattice screening is a feature that can add many unique benefits to your garden and its design. And because they are light and easy to install, you can place lattice screens just about anywhere in your yard, to suit a range of purposes.

Some gardening enthusiasts might be put off by the fact that lattice screen fences aren't quite as durable as other types of fences. But the advantages of lattice screens far outweigh the disadvantages.

Divide Space Without Affecting Views

Lattice screens are great for dividing your garden into sections without severely diminishing the views on offer. You can also use them to frame garden pathways, much like a pergola. And lattice screening is great for bordering your gardening too.

Cover With Thorny Plants for Security

If you live in an urban area where there have been break ins, naturally you'll be worried about the secureness of lattice fencing. While it is true that lattice screen fences aren't as sturdy as solid wooden fences, you can use nature to make them intruder-proof. This is where you get to combine nature with fencing.

Imagine a would-be intruder's face when they go to climb your lattice screen fence only to find it covered with a thorny plant. They'll soon change their mind. Go to your local garden centre and choose from their range of thorny climbing plants. Climbing roses are a great choice to add to a lattice screen since they have large thorns that will deter burglars and animals.

Serve as a Good Eyesore Screen That Doesn't Take Up Space

A large, freshly prepared compost heap or corner full of bins is hardly something you want to see while out in your yard. But if you obscure the view with a solid fence or screen, you'll lose space. Moreover, you'll break up the design of your landscaping.

A lattice screen fence placed in front of your rubbish or compost area will obscure the view while conserving your space. This is a great fix for smaller gardens. And, if your lattice fence doesn't provide enough of a screen, you can hang plants or other decorations on it to provide some distraction.

Allow the Flow of Air for Your Plants

Like all lifeforms, plants need air to survive and thrive. And in a garden surrounded by solid objects, plants might not get the natural flow of air that they need. Without an adequate flow of air, plants become more susceptible to fungal diseases because the ground around them is damp.

Moreover, pests that thrive in damp conditions, such as slugs, are more prevalent in gardens with poor airflow since there is little to dry out the gathered moisture.

If the air circulation in your garden is poor, replacing solid boundaries and fences with lattice screens can help. Lattice screens allow air to flow through them. This will help keep your plants healthy and safe from pests.

Provide Plants With More Light

As well as airflow and water, your plants need sunlight. If parts of your garden are in shade for large portions of the day due to nearby fencing or buildings, the plants in that area will lag behind. As a result, your garden will be patchy.

Replace any solid fences you have with lattice screen fencing if your plants aren't getting enough sunlight. You can even train climbing plants to use your lattice screens as support while they soak up the sun's rays.

Allow People to See Your Beautiful Garden

It's nice to have someone appreciate your hard work when you've spent a good portion of the year preparing your garden. With lattice screen fencing in your front yard, your neighbours will be able to enjoy your garden from a distance. And, if you ever plan to sell your home, your garden could help to get you a good offer.

Lattice screening is a versatile fencing solution that allows you to work with nature to create a beautiful and secure garden. Consider replacing your solid fences and borders with lattice screens.

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