Factors You Shouldn't Forget While Selecting Your Glass Pool Fencing

Factors You Shouldn't Forget While Selecting Your Glass Pool Fencing

14 May 2020
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One of the effective ways to boost safety in your pool area is to install pool fencing. Currently, there is a wide array of fences you can consider depending on your requirements and budget, but glass pool fencing has become popular thanks to the advantages it offers. Other than being sleek and stylish, the glass pool fence is sturdy, functional, easy to maintain and can last long, giving you value on your investment. Isn't this a winning combination? Of course, it is. But before you install glass pool fencing, there are several factors you must consider. Some of these factors are outlined below.

Glass quality

The functionality and safety of your fencing are primarily determined by the quality of glass you use. For this reason, it's essential to buy your panels from a certified and reputable supplier. Obviously, glass is associated with breakages, so you must go for toughened glass when selecting your glass fence panels. Such glass is difficult to break even when you run into it accidentally or when an ordinary object hits it. And if it does break, you can be sure it won't shatter like the standard glass material — it will break into tiny pieces that don't have sharp edges. Low-quality glass, on the other hand, cannot provide this durability and safety feature, so it's unsuitable.

State standards

The glass panels you pick for your pool need to meet the stringent regulations the Australian government has put in place. They must be manufactured using advanced equipment and technology to make them sturdy and safe. Then, a series of tests must be done to determine its quality via the set criteria. This is done to ensure the panels are made using quality material and that there are no holes, cracks or other forms of damage. For this reason, you must ensure the supplier you choose adheres to all these measures before selling the products to their customers. Reading customer reviews on their website or other viable sites can help you know if a potential supplier is ideal or not.

Removable or permanent

Nowadays, pool owners can choose to get a removable or permanent fence. A permanent fence is designed to stay in place indefinitely while its counterpart can be removed when the need arises. People opt to install removable pool fences if they often require larger outdoor spaces for events like parties. Therefore, it's crucial to consider your objectives before installing a pool fence. If you intend to enhance the outdoor appearance, you can choose the removable fence, but if your objective is to secure the pool area, a permanent one will suffice.

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