3 Reasons to Install Aluminium Slat Gates

3 Reasons to Install Aluminium Slat Gates

26 June 2020
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When you install new gates on your home, you need to combine style and substance. You want gates that complement the exterior of your property and that create an effective barrier. Aluminium slat gates are worth considering. What are the advantages of choosing this kind of gate?

1. Stylish Design Options

Aluminium slat gates look neat and tidy outside your home. Their slats fit snugly together with no visible screws. You can choose to have either horizontal or vertical slat designs. You can also change the gap widths between slats to create different looks if you wish. You also get a range of colours and finishes to choose from. These gates don't look like plain metal. They are usually powder-coated or finished to a high standard. So, you can choose from various colours and can even install gates that look like other materials such as wood if you want.  

2. More Robust Security Protection

These slat gates are made from treated and coated aluminium. While this is a light metal, it is strong and robust. It creates an effective barrier that is hard to breach. So, your gates should work to keep people off your property. This protection lasts for years. Unlike other materials, which might rot, rust or warp in external conditions, aluminium retains its shape, size and strength even as it ages. You don't have to worry about the gate sagging on its hinges, failing to close securely or breaking down.

If your gates keep their shape and strength, then they give you long-lasting security. They'll be no easier to break in through years down the line than they were when you first installed them.

3. Minimal Maintenance Requirements

Some gates need regular maintenance. You may need to paint, coat or stain them every few years. You might have to work out what to do with problems like rot or pests or how to handle areas of environmental damage like shrinkage, buckling or warping. None of this is a problem if you install aluminium slat gates. Their finish lasts. Typically, rain will take care of any dust or grime that gets on the slats. If not, you simply wipe or wash them down. You won't have to worry about rot, pest damage or environmental changes in the same way you would with wooden gates.

To see some examples of aluminium slat gates and to learn more about their benefits, contact fencing and gate suppliers.

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