3 Reasons to Choose Colorbond Fencing

3 Reasons to Choose Colorbond Fencing

3 August 2020
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If you need to replace the fences around your home, then it's important to choose the right kind of new fencing. You can use this opportunity to upgrade or improve your fences. If you've never used metal fencing before, like Colorbond products, then this is worth a look. What are the advantages of going with Colorbond fencing?

1. Get a Long-Life Fence

A sturdy fence should last for years. It should be strong enough to withstand local weather and environmental conditions. However, many fences have weak spots that affect their lifespan. For example, a wood fence might rot if it is in contact with the ground; it may attract termites on to your property. Plus, it could blow down in heavy wind or burn down in a bushfire.

Colorbond fencing is much more resilient. It won't rot, and it's of no interest to pests like termites. Plus, it is strong enough to withstand high winds and has some fire resistance.

2. Get a Fence That Looks After Itself

The less maintenance work you have to do on your fencing, the better. You don't want to have to spend a lot of time making minor repairs, shoring up damage, and painting or staining it.

Colorbond fences really do look after themselves. Their strong metal constructions keep them in position and in shape. You also don't need to recoat them. Typically, all you need to do to spruce your fences up is to wash them periodically to clean off dust and grime.

3. Get Extra Security

Your fences don't just mark the boundary of your property, they also make your home more secure. If you install a strong fence that is hard to scale, then people won't be able to get into your garden easily.

Some fencing materials, like wire and wood, sometimes make it easy for intruders to get closer to your home than you'd like. Some wires are easy to cut through, a rotting wood panel won't withstand a few hefty kicks.

Colorbond fencing gives you a more secure solution. Intruders will need specialist equipment to cut through this metal; most won't want to try this as it is a noisy and long process. Your fences also won't develop weak spots as they age, which give easier access.

To learn more about the benefits of switching to Colorbond fencing, contact local fence suppliers. They can show you examples of colours and designs.

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