Is It Time To Have Your Sliding Gate Motor Replaced?

7 February 2020
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Like most homeowners, you probably operate your sliding gate several times a day. The convenience that this automated gate offers makes it so simple to use that you probably do not give any thought to its functioning as long as it opens and closes when you want it to. With that in mind, it is easy to see how the sliding gate motor is highly underrated. Not only is this mechanism out of sight, but as long as it retains the automation of the gate, you potentially will not even consider having it maintained. Read More …

3 Myths That Shouldn’t Stand In The Way Of You Getting Glass Pool Fencing

6 February 2020
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With proper pool fencing in place, you do not have to worry too much about keeping out unauthorised persons and improving the safety of your pool area. You have several options to consider when selecting a material for the pool fencing, including glass. Glass pool fencing has become increasingly popular thanks to its wide-ranging inherent benefits. However, there remains some misinformation about this type of pool fencing. Are you on the fence about glass pool fencing because of these myths? Read More …

The Benefits of Chain Link Fencing and Gates

5 February 2020
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Chain-link fencing is used all over Australia these days and it is easy to see why when you realise just how beneficial it can be. Not only does it mark off one area from another excellently, providing top-quality security, but it will also work well with any fence gate installation. This means that you can gain access to your property or enclosure at any point along the fence. This level of flexibility with chain-link fencing is why it is so widely used in Australia as well as elsewhere in the world. Read More …

Tips for Choosing the Right Chain Wire Fence for Your Residential Property

30 January 2020
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Are you looking to demarcate or fence a piece of residential land? Whether you want to keep your little ones and pets confined to certain parts of the property or don't want stray animals to wander into it, few traditional fencing options can match the benefits that a chain wire fence can deliver.  This woven fence-type is built strong and durable enough to offer the level of protection and containment that you may desire on your property. Read More …

Monthly Maintenance Advice for Glass Balustrades

28 January 2020
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When considering whether to have glass balustrades installed into your home, there are several factors to take into consideration. Pre-installation, you need to consider whether the look of the balustrades suits your decor and whether the cost suits your budget. However, another factor to consider is the maintenance requirements once your balustrades are installed. By knowing what the maintenance requirements are in advance, then you can decide whether those needs fit your time budget. Read More …

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